About Us

Techntroll.com is an online publication devoted to helping ALL backyard chicken keepers. Whether you’ve been raising chickens all your life, or you’ve just started thinking about raising them, this website is for you.

We’re a group of chicken enthusiasts from around the world who have been raising chickens in their backyards for decades. Because of our passion and knowledge of chickens, we feel we can really help you and other chicken lovers!

We typically publish an article each week, on a wide variety of chicken topics including:

  • How to raise baby chicks
  • Chicken coop design, construction and security
  • Maximizing your hens’ health and egg laying
  • Chicken health checks
  • Broodiness, and much, much more!

I hope you find your visit useful and entertaining. Finally, if you have any questions which aren’t answered in our articles, be sure to contact us.